How to verify PayPal accounts

Things you will need:
> Unverified paypal account
> Netspend account
> SSN (Doesn’t have to be yours)
> Valid US Address

1) We are going to create our main bank account. Navigate to here:

2) Join USAA

3) Fill in some legitimate looking information (Doesn’t have to be your information)

4) Once finished click next. Then, Click no for each item.

5) Put in a VALID US Address.

6) Create your own Online ID, PW, and Personal PIN. (Please write this information down on a notepad)

7) Read USAA’s Terms & Conditions, and accept it.

8) Create your own Security questions and answers (Please write this important information down)

9) Verify your information and hit submit.

10) Navigate to “Products and Services Now”

11) Scroll down the page and click “Savings”

12) Click “Open and Account”

13) Click “Get Started”

14) Choose “Savings” option.

15) Click yes for physical address option and click next

16) Choose “Do not deliver my documents at” then click next.

17) Click transfer funds option and click use another account

17.1) Click “Savings” as account type, click yes for “Signature authority”, Enter your netspend account and routing number, type in a nickname and hit next.


18) After clicking next, click Submit.

19) Put in $27 and click next.

20) Tick box 3 above, Choose yes below and click submit.

21) View your info and click submit

22) Almost done! Now, go to my accounts. Click the account you just made.

23) Now look at your new account and routing number. Add your information to your PP account and automatically get verified.

How do I get verified?

> Go to
> Login
> Hit the “Get Verified” Link
> Choose “Add bank”
> Add in the details:

BANK NAME: usaa bank
ACCOUNT NUMBER: (Your account number)
ROUTING NUMBER: (Your routing number)

> Click next
> Now click “Confirm instantly”
> Fill in your login details and hit confirm instantly

How to Combine two connections to get faster internet

Method 1️⃣ : Combining LANs

1. Turn everything on your computer, modems (in case of DSL).

2. Connect them on relative ports.

3. Establish Connections Dial, or do whatever you need to do to establish internet connection and test each one by one, separately. If all good proceed to the next step.

4. While each one is active and connected navigate to the Network Devices folder of your computer.
it usually stays under control panel.

windows 8 & 8.1 —》 Press Windows + D to navigate to the desktop, and rest is same as windows 7 below.

windows 7 & vista — 》 Click the network icon on the taskbar then click Open Network and Sharing Center. Then click Change Adapter Settings.

5. Review the window showing all of your network connections.

6. Drag and select active LAN (Wired, Wireless or DSL Modem) connections.

7. Right click on one of the selected -》 Click Bridge Connections.

Then wait and a network bidge with different icon will appear. You might have to provide administrative right.

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