New Mtn Momo Fraud Technique

New Mtn Momo Fraud Technique

This is highly advanced & 99% pip’s will easily fall for this no matter how Smart you are in I.T

How do I even start? Anyways here we go.

This new MTN social engineering is likely to work on any individual as I said cause the strategy used by these MoMo Fraudsters is a whole new level.

Am here to share it because anyone could be a victim of this new moves they just tried on me which sadly didn’t go as they expected.

You will get a call from a stranger asking you to refund his 100c or even more which he mistakenly sent to your account.

We all know this is old SCAM move which we all aware so as a normal individual u may hung up the call or insult the person.

This is where the real scam Begins, as u hung the call or insult the person not to call you they wouldn’t.

Another foreign line will call u which is more like MTN hot line but it cloned from for you to think it MTN calling your line.

It’s going to be a female with a sweet voice & more educated, their voice sounds similar to network provider customer care agent.

She’s going to alert you that they detected an authorised number trying to redraw MoMo from their system.

You are going to tell her yes cause someone called you trying to SCAM you.

She will then tell you to send the scammers number so they block the person from transferring any 💰 from your MoMo number cause it was hacked & they detected it on their system but did not allow the user to redraw.

From there you’re going to get a MoMo prompt on your phone asking you to enter your MoMo demanding 100c or even More.

You’re going to tell the customer care since you’re already talking to her or even likely call her, you will be in panic cause whatever she said aligned with what the scammed did.

She will tell you Never enter your MoMo cause that’s how the person will easily redraw your Funds so as a normal individual you will cancel the request, it will keep coming she will keep advising you not to enter your MoMo also don’t switch of your phone.

After doing all those safety proces as she said, she will hung the call by telling you they are working on it to deal with the scammer.

After you hung up & thank her within 10 to 15Min or more the scammer is going to call you by insulting toy for allowing MTN to block his line.

After you also insult him or ignore by blocking the line the lady with the clone MTN customer line will call you by saying they have block his sim but your account isn’t save so you need to reset your pin also tell her the pin & amount of funds you have available.

Don’t try Oooo I repeat don’t try cause the cloned customer care line, she is the same lady working with same scammer trying to gain your trust so they easily empty your account.

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