Home Alone Episode 2

Home Alone Episode 2

Episode 2
I instantly froze. Could it be my parents? I asked noone in particular.

I could see the fear in Joy’s eye. She looked like one who was about to cry.

Samuel: *from outside* Idrissss!!!

He shouted and me and joy both breathed down in relief when we heard Samuel’s voice.

Me: abeg Samuel go, tomorrow we go see for school.

Samuel: ah baba, so you don dey score three points I think?

Joy: you too talk abeg, carry your wahala commot.

Samuel: ok oo but Joy I dey pity you because Idris go just make you get bow leg with his mighty BEAST, all the same enjoy.

He said and left

Joy: mtcheew.

She hissed at him. She turned back and looked at me smiling.

Me: we don’t have enough time left with us.

She nodded and started fucking me from where she stopped. Inside of her felt really really warm.

After fucking me for some minutes in the cowgirl position, she turned to the reverse cowgirl position and now, her big buttocks were facing me.

In each movement she make, they moved up and down freely on their own.
I grabbed her buttocks cheek and started squeezing it.

Joy: yeeeaaaa baby, I love iittt whennnn you do soo, I loooveee you baby!!

She started to shake, I knew she was close to her o—-m so I decided to help her out, I raised her buttocks up a little and from under, I started bleeping her really wild.

I also ensured that it was only half of my BEAST that was inside her or else, she will cry again. I was still pumping her really wild from beneath when the walls of her vagina contracted around my dick.

Me: ahh, it feels so goood.

I groaned. by this time, she was already shaking vigorously. Not too long, I felt a hot liquid ran down my heavy dick, it was her o—-m.

She screamed at a low pitch. The excitement I was getting from her orgasmic vagina and her moaning drove me crazy and my BEAST became double in size, her eyes popped out as she felt the weight of it.

Just then, I started depositing my cum inside of her. We were busy shaking under an undefined and unmearsurable pleasure coupled with excitement.

Joy: *breathing hard* that was so sweet.

Me: *breathing hard too* yes it was.

She smiled, turned and kissed me and lay on my chest playing with my nipples. I looked at her.

Me: is like you want another round o.

Joy: kilode? You want to kill me before my time?, Your dick no go tear my pussy

She asked and I smiled, my eyes met the wall clock above us and I jumped in shock. Almost 2pm, my parents will soon be here.

I quickly open all doors, cleaned our mess and sprayed air freshner around the whole room.

Joy was just busy lying down. I didn’t blame her though. One look at her and you will know that she is very very weak.

The whole room smelt of o—-m and hot sex. Since I was running out of options, I brought out sniper and mosquito spray. I helped her wear her pants and took her outside.

She sat on the bench at our corridor with her legs slightly open for breeze to enter and cool her down.

I ran back inside and sprayed the whole house before coming back. I also locked the doors and brought out my mathematics text book with two note books and two pens.

I gave her one note book and one pen and just then.


That’s the sound of my father’s car horn, my parents are back.


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