Home Alone Episode 3

*Episode 3*
My father drove his camry into the our surroundings and came out with my mother and little brother by his side.

I stood up and ran to welcome them.

Me: welcome dad.

Me: welcome mum.

Dad: thank you son. Who is that girl sitting over there?

He asked with his broad and masculine voice. For those of you that don’t know, my father is a military man with three ranks.

I know what you are guys are probably thinking and it’s true. I don’t mess with him o, the day he gave me one hot slap because he saw porn videos in my phone, that day I knew that heaven and earth are real.

Me: she is just my classmate Dad and we are both solving mathematics.

Mum: *studied her a little* that must be Joy.

That’s one thing about my mum. Unlike my Dad, she knew lots of my friends by their names.

Farouk: abeg let’s go inside I am tired.

My junior brother said. I looked at him, and smiled. He is very handsome, more than me. He has a V- shaped face, nice skin colour, open teeth with an Arabian hair.

He is just eleven years old while I am older than him with six years. I knew if he he grows up, he will be a dangerous guy when it comes to girls, judging from his amazing looks though.

As for me, I am tall, very tall and dark skinned. My hair is not like his own, mine is strong but trust me, after peming the hair, I was looking sweet. My complete six pacs is also making girls drool over me but my number on weapon of elimination is my BEAST.

Me: am afraid that is not possible o.

Dad: why?

Me: I just sprayed the house with insecticide not too long.

Dad: *annoyed* and you knew that we will be coming home. What is even wrong with you.

Me: sorry dad.

Mum: please honey, don’t raise your voice at him. I was the one that told him to do it.

That’s why I like my mum, always getting my back.

My dad just shook his head. Opened his car and brought out his wallet.

Dad: the things we bought are inside the booth. Whenever you are ready, take them in. Lemme go and visit some of my friends in block 71.

He said and left. I kept looking at him, my brother is a replica of my dad while I resemble my mum.

Mum: Idris, what you did isn’t that wise you know.

Me: sorry ma.

Mum: never mind. Lemme go over to my shop.

My mother is a tailor but since her shop is very big, she opened a saloon inside the shop. That is, Half of the big shop was used for sewing of clothes while the other half was a set up as a saloon.

Mum: farouk, come let’s go…

Farouk: no, I want to stay with brother Idris.

My mum hesitated before she left. My brother kept looking at Joy in a suspicious manner. He knew that something bad must has happened. I mean, he has caught me in the act red handed about three times but what are brothers for, he kept it a secret between us.

Me: abeg take this money go buy peak milk and malt come.

I said giving him #400 (four hundred naira) He collected it and was still looking at me with a suspicious look.

Me: oya, keep the change.

He smiled and ran away.

I walked back to where Joy was sitting down and she looked like someone that will soon pass out.

My brother brought the things I told him to buy and he happily took the change away. I gave them to Joy and she drank it happily.

After about fifteen minutes, she stood up with some energy she has gathered and I bade her farewell.

Looking at her new walking step made me laugh, she was walking like someone that is carrying a load between her legs.

I just smiled and relaxed on the bench.
More drama/suspense on the way, don’t miss it!!!

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