How to create a PayPal account in Ghana

How to create a PayPal account in Ghana

So today, I am going to show you how you can create a verified paypal account for free. the only thing I need from you is to share and subscribe to my channel.

Whether you are an online business person or not, owning a verified PayPal account is
vital. There is so much that the account allows you to do. Some of these activities include;
1. Buying items from online stores like Alibaba
2. Paying for online courses
3. Paying for software licences
4. Receiving payments from blogs or online advertisements.
5. Paying for membership of online sites like dating sites.
6. Paying for online applications on the Google Play store, or buying music from iTunes.
7. Paying for your domain or host services from specified sites like Hostgator.

PayPal is restricted in some countries, for instance, in countries like Ghana, Nigeria and
Egypt, the citizens cannot perform transactions, let alone own PayPal accounts. That,
however, does not mean that when in Ghana, it is impossible to access it or rather use it. It
also does not require an Information technology guru to manoeuvre the way out.
These simple steps will provide you with PayPal Ghana solutions. The solutions will
enlighten you on how you can create and operate your PayPal account at ease, regardless
of Ghana being restricted in the country;

On your browser, enter the address that you want to search as or /ge or /nl or or any country’s shorthand that is on paypal.

The address that we have opted to use is Kenyan since Kenya is supported for use,
whereas Ghana is not. You can always replace the IP address with the domain of a
country that supports PayPal.

Clicking on the search option will open an interface with several options; among them,
there is a signup option and a PayPal login option. Click on the signup option.

Clicking on the signup option will lead you to the account type options, the personal
account and the business account. The personal account offers you the opportunity of
securely shopping within your country or the rest of the world at the comfort of your
computer or mobile phone. The second option is the business account option which
allows you to receive payments from all around the globe without the constraints of
time and distance. This option also allows you to send invoices to your customers. Of
the two options, click on the business account option, and click on continue. Clicking on the continue option will lead you to the next option which is entering your
email address. From here henceforth, you are advised to key in accurate details
because PayPal is sensitive, especially if the details you provide do not match. After
keying in your email address, click on next.

After keying in your email address, the next dialogue box will require you to sign up for
a business account by providing the following details;

1. Your first and last name, respectively.
2. Your business name.
3. For the country, select Ghana.
4. Enter your phone number, address, town, postal code.

5. For the currency, select US dollars and click on the Agree and continue option.

After feeding these details, a verification code will be sent in the next dialogue box,
enter it correctly on the next box.

The next dialogue box will require you to give details about your business type; provide every detail and click continue

The next step will require you to select your nationality, for this case choose the
country of the domain that you used while searching for PayPal, for this case, enter
Kenya. For the official document, select your national ID. Enter the details on your
national ID number, your date of birth, and click on submit. After submitting these details, PayPal will respond by sending an email on the email
address that you provided at the start. By clicking on the email address that PayPal
sends you, go ahead and verify your PayPal account.

After signing up and providing your details, PayPal will contact you via your email address
asking you to verify your account. This is the last but most crucial step during this
procedure as it is the step that one should undertake for their PayPal account to be
verified. Hope you liked this post, in my next post, I will show you how you can link your visa card to your paypal account to make and receive payment.

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