How To Perform Mobile Money Pin Reset

How To Perform Mobile Money Pin Reset

1. Dial *170# and select Option 6 (My Wallet)

2. Select Option 5 (Change & Reset Pin)

3. Select Option 2 (Reset Pin)

4. Select Option 1 (Self Pin Reset)

5. Select Option 1 (Add Recovery Contact)

6. Now type any number that you own. It could be any other network
but it should be an active number and not the same number you are resetting the pin code on.

7. Enter your current Mobile Money pin code to confirm

8. Enter OTP (One Time Password) which is a code that will be sent
to the number you entered so you will have to check your other
number to confirm the code. The Procedure to perform the reset. Before you can reset your mobile money pin code, you must first add a recovery number first if not, you will not be able to reset it.

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